Disrupting Toxic Tech Workshops and Trainings are facilitated by Kristina Ashley Williams, Founder & CEO of CULTURxEAT. Upon entering the tech industry after 10+ years spent as an educator in predominantly urban communities, Kristina recognized an opportunity to apply interdisciplinary and intersectional theories and practices from the education sector to tech, an industry historically known to struggle with gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Now as a tech startup founder and cultural competency consultant, Kristina trains organizations with her "Disrupting Toxic Tech Toolkit" to evaluate:

  • Team member alignment with company cultural values before and after they are hired

  • Company cultural climate and employee experience

  • Best Practices to support the design of inclusive products, services and policies

  • Action plans to grow cultural competency

The Disrupting Toxic Tech Toolkit was comprised during Kristina’s graduate research study with industry professionals at tech giants like Google, Ebay, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Oculus, and Beats by Dre to name a few. Kristina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University, a Master of Arts in Urban Education Teaching from the University of Southern California and an additional Master of Science in Design, Technology, and Business also from USC.

Techniques: Storytelling, gamified surveys, group interactive activities, data analysis

Outcomes: Knowledge and resources for best practices in inclusive recruitment, hiring, retention, maturation, values setting, product and service design, definitions, and company experience.


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