CULTURxEAT is a parent company

powering equity centered art and technology brands.


We all EAT.

Human-Centered Design thinkers believe the best product and service creations start with the user’s needs in mind. At CULTURxEAT we believe that in order to advance our society, empathy, the first component of Human Centered Design, is an imperative. By creating brands that center empathy as it’s north star, CULTURxEAT investigates and designs for gaps in the market where the needs of specific consumers have been historically overlooked within arts and technology industries. We do not design for charity cases. We design for intersectional, interdisciplinary, intercultural, and underestimated talent, products and services. Whether an augmented reality app, a diversity in tech conference scholarship, or an artist accelerator, CULTURxEAT brands produce with the underlining intention to advance social equity for the global community. We invite you to take a bite out of our brands and join us on this delivery.


Our Roots:

  • Community

  • Education

  • Art

  • Technology

  • Disruption

  • Hustle

  • Empathy

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

  • Hip Hop Culture

Our Values

  • Ohana (Hawaiian)

    • Feels like Family, Welcoming to All, Accessible

  • Ganas (Spanish)

    • Drive, perseverance, daring, out of the box, go big

  • Hygge (Danish)

    • Happiness & good feelings

  • Ujima (Swahili)

    • Collective Responsibility

  • Hikma (Arabic)

    • Wisdom, discern with insight, intuition

  • Sozo-Sei (Japanese)

    • Creativity, innovation

  • Pijjairli (Inuit)

    • Protect, preserve