Notorious hustler.   @Kristinaxwill

Notorious hustler. @Kristinaxwill

Kristina Ashley Williams


Surviving the loss of her single mother from Breast Cancer as a junior in high school, Kristina learned grit and perseverance early on in life. As an adult, Kristina applied that strength to her career, most notably displayed during her industry pivot challenging her to take a risk on herself to quit her full time job in education and opt to sleep in her car to pursue her visions in art & tech. From there, Kristina built a foundation of artistic social impact through her achievements of published, exhibited, and fellowship award-winning multi-media art that has been featured in Huffington Post, Essence, and Blavity to name a few. Adding a Master of Science in Integrated Design, Technology, and Business to complement her Master of Arts in Urban Education Teaching, both from the University of Southern California, Kristina applied her interdisciplinary expertise to launch CULTURxEAT, the parent company powering equity centered art and technology brands like ZiM, an AR powered social media app for art. In addition, Kristina provides cultural competency trainings to tech organizations on strategies to disrupt toxic tech. Kristina is the great-great niece of Jackie Robinson and a Founder Gym accelerator alum, a Google for Startups Partner.

Notorious creator.  @JamienPride

Notorious creator. @JamienPride

Jamien Pride

Chief Experiences Officer, ZiM

As a visionary installation and sound artist, Jamien leads the creative team through the production of interactive and immersive experiences at ZiM. His passion for art and sound is rooted in 8+ years in project and team management serving notable organizations such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce, JP Morgan…oh and he’s a Marine.

Notorious hacker.

Notorious hacker.

Maiko Martin

Chief Technical Officer, ZiM

A genius. A recluse. A developer wizard with 10+ years of coding, engineering, and architecture under his belt.


Chris Lwanga3.jpg

Chris Lwanga

Business Development Advisor

As the Senior Director of Software Partnerships at Microsoft, Chris advises our team in building a strategic business ecosystem with his over twenty years of experience in Telecommunications, Government, M&E and High Tech verticals; focused on Building ecosystems, Business Development, Strategy, Operations, Customer Service, Consulting, Pre-Sales and Sales.

Davina Wolter.jpg

Davina Wolter

Exhibitions Advisor, ZiM

Building upon 20 years of 2D, 3D, exhibition design, and children's product design, Davina channels her expertise in management at The Getty Museum, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, and as faculty at USC's Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy to guide ZiM's perspective from inside the mind of a partner arts institution.

Tyree Boyd Pates.jpg

Tyree Boyd-Pates

Exhibitions Advisor, ZiM

Historian, curator, and expert on millennial cultural engagement, Tyree brings his experience in breaking ground as the Curator of African American History and Culture at the California African American Museum to guide ZiM's cultural lens on millennial and culturally diverse trends in the arts.

Eric T. Elder.jpeg

Eric T. Elder

ARVR Advisor, ZiM

From pioneering the Game Art & Design program and Game Programming degree at the Art Institute of California Los Angeles to applying his 20+ years in market trends and intelligence, team leadership, and high quality AR, VR, and film content production as a professor of 360 degree animated world building at Loyola Marymount University, Eric's expertise advises our team in emerging tech innovation.