ZiM is an AI powered platform for beauty health, education and style.

ZiM is an AI powered platform for beauty health, education and style. ZiM provides personalized curation of beauty products, reviews, and communities based on your specific features and interests. While shopping, consumers enjoy a Shazam-type exeperience by scanning a product in real time to learn it’s ingredient breakdowns, reviews, and tutorial videos to gauge if it is the right fit. With ZiM, consumers gain access to engage with the beauty community without having to sift through cat videos and pictures of hamburgers to access content.

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ZiM in store application for Shea Moisture


  • Use ZiM’s AI camera to scan a product for a Shazam-type experience in store to learn it’s ingredient breakdown, reviews, and tutorial videos in real time. Activate the ability to filter reviews by people who share your same features such as hair textures or skin conditions.

  • Create a profile specifying your specific features and needs to receive recommendations of products personalized for you

  • Discover beauty products, reviews, and communities filtered by your preferences and interests


  • The amount of products in beauty stores is overwhelming

  • Employees

    • are under educated about products (due to mass amount of products, lack of training, proficiency focused in other areas of the store)

    • have limited capacity to meet the needs of all customers when the store is crowded

  • Customers

    • customers waste an average $1,000 on products that don’t end up working for their features

    • waste time trying to research product reviews from multiple sources online (often while they are already in the store and need help making a decision)

    • store aisles do not account for the labeling needed for the spectrum of hair textures ( 1-4c) or skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc.)

    • finding reviews by people who share the same features as the shopper (like curl patterns or skin conditions) can be difficult

  • Retail stores risk product shrink from customers who open or steal products to try them before they buy them

  • Retail stores feature general sections for products but limit specific categories. For example the textured hair section, does not identify which products are for specific types of textures like 3a-4c curl patterns.

Value Proposition for Brand Partners


  • Feature brand products in app and online

  • Recommend brand products direct to consumer

  • Direct consumers to brand website to purchase

  • Provide in-app incentives for in-store purchases

  • ZiM production of tutorial videos and ads


  • Brands receive consumer data including contacts, behavior and demographics

  • Trends of purchases, search rates, favorite rates, and mention rates

  • Consumer insights from personalized



Kristina Ashley Williams